The 15 Best Neck Creams To Fight Tech And Turkey Neck

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Collagen and elastin production smooth the delicate neck and chest skin to reveal a more even skin tone and texture. “I’m on the younger side—29 going on 30—and [Neckletage] is everything I was hoping for,” says a Dermstore reviewer. “I have lost a lot of weight, around 200+lbs, and with that comes an excess of skin and unfortunately it left me with excess on my neck area  but I’m now on my 4th jar going on 5 and will continue to purchase even after I get my Cosmetics surgeries done.”



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My favorite sunscreen, Glycolix Elite, contains a base of vitamins A, C, E and CoQ10, key antiagers. I recommend it for my skin cancer patients because it contains 17% micronized zinc oxide – the highest concentration I’ve found of a physical , not chemical blocker which means it’s less irritating and not at all greasy.
November, 2006