Why Retinol Is the Best Anti-Aging Ingredient You Can Use, According to Dermatologists

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From fading age spots to smoothing out wrinkles, the benefits of retinol are pretty legit.

“[Replenix RetinolForte Treatment Serum] retinol formulations are in an emollient base that allows for decreased irritation to the skin,” says Dr. Palm. They also contain several antioxidants that help boost the skin’s reparative properties (which really come in handy when adjusting to retinol).



Your Beauty Wish: Smooth my fine lines and wrinkles
In the evening cleanse and follow with Topix SRS Cell Repair Therapy. For best results: Use night cream on slightly damp skin to boost penetration and speed results.
July, 2010



Sensational Skin at Any Age
…several docs consider Topix Replenix® CF Cream a must for its high content of antioxidant green tea.
March, 2007