Topix Pharmaceuticals Replenix Moisture Balm: Application Hydration Topical
Introducing a rich texture balm which replenishes skin targeting severe dryness and visible signs of aging. What makes the product truly unique is the Triple Layer Moisture Technology we’ve built into it; a layered system of moisturization, combining high concentrations of emollients, humectants and ceramides to help restore lipids and correct dull, dehydrated skin…
January/February, 2017



Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of plant-derived growth factors and collagen building peptides to its advanced formula Citrix® CRS® L-Ascorbic Acid Serum. These proven ingredients help to strengthen, fortify, and support new collagen to help rebuild the dermal layer. [CRS®] reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and age spots and improves skin texture, tone, and overall appearance. Topix owns the only patent…that can guarantee therapeutic levels of pure, stable pH 3 L-Ascorbic Acid for 2 years… January/February, 2015



The latest product news and technologies for the aesthetic and anti-ageing market Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. introduces Replenix® MD Perfect 10 Peels – medical grade, in-office aesthetic treatments designed to provide maximum, predictable and noticeable results.
January, 2013