10 Retinol Serums Dermatologists Actually Use On Themselves

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Dr. Palm generally opts for a prescription-grade retinoid, but as far as over-the-counter retinol, she suggests Replenix RetinolForte Treatment Serum 3x for patients. “[It] contains an effective concentration of a stable, active retinol to help build collagen, fight fine lines, reverse pigmentary changes, and help other active topical skin-care product ingredients penetrate more effectively,” she says.



Body-Product Cocktailing For Every Annoying Skin Concern
The Concern: Psoriasis
Once they’re approved by your derm, you can take on those itchy, flaky, sore patches with Dr. Weiser’s mix of medicated products. “Use an anti-inflammatory agent, such as [DermaTopix Aloe Cort Cream], to help reduce redness by calming the immune reaction,” she says.
May, 2016