Replenix Power of Three Serum with Resveratrol

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Replenix® Power of Three features an advanced formula of therapeutic ingredients to improve and correct a wide variety of skin issues.
• Guards against free-radical damage
• Visibly reduces the signs of redness
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and puffiness
• Improves skin texture & tone
• Increases moisture

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• Resveratrol, the powerful antioxidant found in red wine
• 90% Polyphenol Isolates, the active ingredient in green tea containing the most antioxidant benefits – including the compound EGCG (epigallocatechin 3-gallate), the major preventative component
• Caffeine USP enhances the antioxidant properties of the green tea

For all skin types, especially sensitive skin

After cleansing the skin, apply to the desired area once or twice daily or as directed by your doctor.

Available in a 1 fl. oz. silver airless pump

Gluten, Paraben, Oil and Fragrance-free.

Green Tea Polyphenols, Resveratrol, Caffeine USP, Bisabolol Cucumber extract, Chamomile extract, Rosemary extract, Soy Phospholipids

1 review for Replenix Power of Three Serum with Resveratrol

  1. Marguerite Baumgartner

    I started using Topix’s original green tea & caffeine serum (Serum CF), when I was about 25 I think. I noticed it evened out my complexion and improved the appearance of my pores, so I stuck with it just because it allowed me to skip foundation (no patience for that!). Eventually, I switched over to Power of Three shortly after it was released. I’m now 36, still make-up free… and upon finding out my age, people are often stunned, even doubtful. I have been mistaken for “a 20-year-kid,” and even my husband’s daughter (he’s only 39, so…ouch!!!).

    I don’t think I really need to say anymore. But I find this even more amazing given that I was a cigarette smoker from age 18 to 31 (you know, that deathly and skin-sallowing habit that is like BATHING YOUR FACE in pro-oxidants?!). I attribute a great deal of my youthful complexion to this serum. FYI: The only other products I use on a daily basis are Replenix Retinol and a high-quality Vitamin C serum.

    Customer for Life!

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