The Most Advanced, Dermatologist-recommended medical grade discoloration treatment

Medical-Grade Discoloration Correction

Stubborn discoloration requires research-proven, medical-grade ingredients of the highest purity, potency and stability. That's why Replenix Discoloration formulas feature the most potent discoloration-fighting ingredients such as our proprietary 20% Vitamin C Active Complex, medical-grade Emblica, Arbutin and Niacinamide. Designed to work in unison, these powerhouse ingredients are clinically proven to help restore a spot-free, even-toned appearance.

Supports Cellular Turnover

Shedding dead skin cells is vital in effectively combatting discoloration. Dermatologist-formulated, Replenix Discoloration formulas features powerful, medical-grade ingredients such as Crystalline Glycolic Acid, its most potent and effective form, to provide dramatic skin-resurfacing, brightening results as it supports cellular turnover.

3. Fight Free Radicals

In addition to wearing broad-spectrum protection daily, effective protection from UV exposure and free radical damage without irritation is imperative to protect skin from discoloration. That's why the Replenix Discoloration Collection features the most powerful, medical-grade antioxidants purified to their most potent, effective forms, such as our signature Green Tea Polyphenol Technology to calm, soothe and protect skin's delicate pH balance for a healthy even-toned glow.