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REPLENIX products will expire 12 months after opening.

No, REPLENIX does not test on animals. REPLENIX is proud to be a cruelty-free brand.

You can expect to see immediate benefits to skin’s surface, such as hydration and dewiness when product is applied. Most people experience best results within 2 - 4 weeks of continued use, and skin will continue to improve over time.

We use the most powerful combination of medical-grade ingredients available for maximum benefits. For skin care prescriptions, please consult with a board-certified dermatologist.

Yes, REPLENIX products are safe to use during pregnancy. Women who are pregnant should always consult with their doctor before beginning a new skin care regimen.

Yes, REPLENIX products are safe to use in conjunction with prescription-strength products. For any questions, please consult with you board-certified dermatologist.

Each product has been scientifically formulated to deliver immediate and long-term benefits. However, when used as a complete regimen, you can expect to see enhanced results. All REPLENIX products were designed to work together in unison for maximum skin benefits.

REPLENIX products are safe for all skin types and were specifically designed to help soothe sensitive skin types. We also have a REPLENIX Sensitive Skin Collection designed specifically for sensitive skin. 

However, if you are using a skin care product for the first time, particularly if you have a history of extreme skin sensitivity, we suggest you conduct a self-patch test to check for the possibility of an adverse reaction. Simply apply a small amount of product on the inside of your arm or underneath your jaw line. Allow at least 24 hours to pass before checking the area. If no reaction has occurred, the product should be safe for you to use as directed. If a reaction does occur, discontinue product use.

Yes, REPLENIX products are gluten-free

Yes, REPLENIX products are free of allergens and are dermatologist-tested to be hypoallergenic. 

REPLENIX products are made with reduced plastic and are recyclable.


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