The Replenix Difference:

Built on over Four Decades of Revolutionary Dermatological Science

Expert Scientific Formulation

Formulated in cutting-edge U.S. FDA-Approved Lab Facilities by world-leading chemists, our medical-grade products incorporate proprietary, intricately layered delivery systems and advanced, scientifically orchestrated ingredient synergies to amplify results. 

Dermatologist-Recommended For Over 40 Years

Every single ingredient in our formulas is dermatologist approved and research proven. No synthetic fillers, solvents or preservatives—ever.

Unprecedented Purity, Potency & Stability

Our expert chemists have unlocked a unique methodology to harness the power of research-proven ingredients in their highest purity and most stable form. All of our ingredients are: 

• Purified to 90%—the highest purified, most potent form available on the market today.

• Pre-tested for bio-availability and stability with select ingredients remaining stable and effective for up to 2 years setting a new industry benchmark. 

Uncover Our Core 6 Medical-Grade Technologies:


Proprietary Bio-Botanical GTP™ Complex​

This medical-grade powerhouse blend of our signature Green Tea Polyphenol Technology, research-proven plant-based stem cell Turmeric, and collagen-boosting algae, instantly brightens dull skin while helping to powerfully stimulate collagen production. 


Signature Green Tea Polyphenol Technology

Proven to be the most powerful and effective antioxidant—and now purified to its highest form of 90% with the most advanced proprietary delivery system—this powerhouse antioxidant technology instantly soothes and calms irritated skin while providing superior anti-aging protection from damaging free radicals. 


Edelweiss Flower Plant Stem Cell Technology

A powerhouse research-proven, plant-based stem cell technology to support healthy collagen production and brighten dull, tired skin while guarding against aggressive free radicals.  ​


All-Trans Retinol Technology

A medical-grade, highly advanced and stable retinol works to help increase cellular turnover to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, promoting a plump, collagen-rich appearance.


Crystalline Glycolic Acid US (10% or 20%):

The most potent and effective medical-grade form of glycolic acid. It works to effectively exfoliate and smooth skin while providing visible skin-resurfacing results to improve texture and tone without irritation. The formula incorporates ultra-pure crystalline glycolic acid with a carefully adjusted pH for maximum efficacy on even the most sensitive skin types. 


Fractionated Hyaluronic Acid

Featuring both short and long chain molecules for maximum penetration and absorption, this medical-grade naturally occurring ingredient in the skin retains water on skin’s surface forming an advanced protective barrier to seal in vital moisture while boosting skin’s own natural production of Hyaluronic Acid to boost and sustain hydration levels.