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Calmsw99 (Oakland, CA, US)
Very Happy

I am very happy I decided to add this Pigment Correcting Brightening Cream to my skin routine.

Robert McDowell (Spring Hill, FL, US)
Age: 55+
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Concern: Uneven skin tone and texture
Brighten cream

Outstanding producf

Sean McCarthy (Jersey City, NJ, US)
Age: 35 - 44
Skin Type: Sensitive
Skin Concern: Uneven skin tone and texture
Brightens dark spots from acne scars

I’m 40 and still get pimples, and this cream helps quickly fade the dark / red spots that are left behind. Also seems to work on older spots and scars but will take some time to see results. Generally evens out skin tone, too.

Keith (Alameda, CA, US)
Small Visible Changes

I've been using this product for a month and I've noticed small improvements. I am hoping long term use will yield more results.

CJ (Milpitas, CA, US)
Finally, something that works

Finally, a pigment correcting cream that really works! Thank you Replenix!


Haven't seen much of a difference

Holy Grail!

I use this product every day day and night! I love this product! It has done wonders for my skin. It has evened out my skin tone from the sun.

I would definitely be buying this again

I was skeptical at first but since it's just 39$, I thought I'd give it a try. I used it twice on the first day, once in the morning and once at night followed by sunscreen (in the morning only). The next day my skin was visibly brighter and glowed. I was stopped multiple times by colleagues at work asking me what I did to my face to have such a glow. I then proceeded to workout and even after the workout, the product didn't feel sticky, and my skin glowed for the entire day.

It's okay

I saw this on an ad how it completely covered this girls dark circles. It definitely has some color to it.. but it's almost a weird kind of orange tiny that looks orange under my eye. It looks better than my dark circles though! I do have to say it's not that creamy so I do feel like I need to put an eye cream on under this. Which I guess kind of stinks because I'm using two products to do one thing

Great as a cream or mask!

Sometimes I get hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. I started using this Pigment Correcting Brightening Cream a few weeks ago and I have noticed my dark spots on my cheeks are fading. This cream feels so lightweight on face. I like that I can use this product as treatment cream or a mask. I typically use this product as a treatment cream, but it also works well as a mask. If you're looking to reduce discoloration issues on your skin, definitely give this cream a try. I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.