Now available direct to consumers – no prescription necessary.​

Our Story

Advanced Performance Medical-Grade Skincare. Built on over 40 years of Revolutionary Dermatological Science.

Imagine a medical-grade skincare brand so high-performance and powerful it was previously only available through a Dermatologist.​

Born in 1981, REPLENIX was originally created exclusively for Dermatologist use—offering physicians the most potent medical-grade ingredients and cutting-edge skincare technologies in luxurious, cosmetically elegant formulations to maximize visible results with minimal irritation. Dermatologist trusted for over 40 years, REPLENIX has been a leader in antioxidant-powered medical grade skincare.​

As a global pioneer in powerful antioxidant technology, REPLENIX revolutionized skincare with the introduction of its proprietary Green Tea Polyphenol Technology, which incorporated a first-of-its-kind green tea purified to an unprecedented 90%, making it the world’s most powerful antioxidant technology available on the market. ​To this day, its purity and performance is unmatched. 

2021 marks a pivotal turning point in REPLENIX history: with growing consumer demand for FDA-approved medical-grade skincare and dermatologist-formulated products, REPLENIX is available now for the first time in over 40 years directly to consumers—no prescription needed. Today, everyone can have access to the performance-driven brand dermatologists have been raving about for decades. 

Our Mission

As the leading dermatologist-trusted medical-grade skincare brand for over 40 years, we’re on a mission to inspire confidence through healthy skin across generations. ​

That’s why we’re committed to revolutionizing at-home skincare with the most groundbreaking dermatological science and ingredients of unprecedented medical-grade purity for breakthrough transformational results.  ​

Just as the latest dermatological innovation informs our expert formulations, environmental science informs our dedication to progressively reduce our carbon footprint for a brighter collective future for healthy skin to thrive. ​

Our Pledge

Leadership in Medical Grade Innovation
We are dedicated to continue pioneering next-generation dermatological advancements in medical-grade skincare – continually pushing the limits of what is considered possible. ​

Expert Scientific Craftsmanship
We are committed to scientific formulation by world-leading chemists and dermatologists in our cutting-edge FDA-approved manufacturing facilities incorporating the most advanced delivery systems and ingredients of the highest potency, purity and stability.​

We are dedicated to creating products that are rigorously tested to be both extremely safe and highly efficacious without compromise for all skin types, all skin tones. ​

Eco-Conscious Carbon Foot Reduction
Understanding our role in creating a better tomorrow for healthy skin to thrive in, we’re committed to a multi-faceted approach of progressive carbon footprint reduction, inclusive of responsibly-sourced raw materials, reduced secondary packaging and recyclable products.