Gly-Sal 10-2 Clarifying Pads

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$32 60 pads

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"I needed something with salicylic acid to control acne so I threw this in my cart on a whim. I had no idea I would fall in love the product for what it has done to soften wrinkles and help diminish spots." ~ Jennifer N

​​​​Ultra-pure, medical-grade Crystalline Glycolic Acid 10% coupled with proven, clinical grade acne- fighting Salicylic Acid USP, 2% for maximum acne-fighting benefits.. Scientifically formulated to unclog pores and accelerate the removal of dead skin cells that can interfere with the proper oil drainage of the skin. Available in a convenient, easy-to-use pad, this powerful acne fighting treatment gently exfoliates while removing surface oils, clearing blemishes and refining pores for an even-toned, clear complexion.

​Gently apply to treated area using both sides of the pad.  Use once or twice daily or as directed by your doctor.

Powerful, Proprietary Acne-Fighting and Resurfacing Duo:

  • Salicylic Acid USP 2%: This clinically-proven acne fighting ingredient is of medical grade strength, working to unclog pores and remove surface sebum for a clear, even-toned complexion.
  • Glycolic Acid 10%: The most potent and effective, purest, medical-grade form to exfoliate and smooth skin providing visible skin-resurfacing results without irritation.

Witch Hazel:This potent, clinical grade ingredient tones the skin while refining pore size and reducing surface oil.