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Pigment Correcting Brightening Cream

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$39 1 oz.

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(formerly known as REPLENIX Brightening Boost Pigment Correcting Cream)​​

REPLENIX Pigment Correcting Brightening Cream is a Dermatologist-developed, advanced pigment correcting cream that features natural yet highly stable, medical-grade skin brighteners and botanical skin tone-enhancing ingredients combined in a powerful, highly effective non-prescription formulation.

Helping to improve visible discoloration and promote turnover of damaged, pigmented skin, this advanced correcting cream has been scientifically formulated to work as both a lotion or treatment mask. This breakthrough skin-brightening formula also provides soothing moisturization allowing for optimized results when paired with other brightening therapies.

Use as a treatment cream in the morning or as a mask at night.

AM: Apply a thin layer to clean face before moisturizer and sunscreen.

PM: Apply directly to clean face or after your retinoid or hydroquinone treatments. For best results, leave on for 30-45 mins and tissue off any excess.

Improve visible discoloration and promote turnover of damaged, pigmented skin with REPLENIX Pigment Correcting Brightening Cream

Hexanoyl Dipeptide 3: This powerhouse medical-grade exfoliating peptide helps to shed damaged and pigmented skin revealing a significantly more even-toned complexion.

Hexylresorcinol: This clinical-grade skin-brightening active features powerful antioxidant properties which help to protect skin against damaging free radicals while balancing melanin production and promoting a spot-free complexion.

Arbutin: This medical-grade, natural skin brightener deeply conditions skin while promoting a more even skin tone.