Breakthrough, Dermatologist-Recommended Medical-Grade Acne Treatment

7 powerhouse acne-fighting products scientifically proven too eliminate all types of acne.


Follicular Plugging / Clogged Pores

Ingredients such as our proprietary, signature acne-fighting, medical-grade resurfacing compromised of Salicylic Acid USP 2% and Glycolic Acid USP (5 or 10%), duo are clinically proven to unclog pores and remove surface oil. Featured in their most powerful, purest forms of unprecedented potency and stability to exfoliate and smooth skin while unclogging porees without irritation.


Bacterial Overgrowth

Highly potent and solvent-free due to its sophisticated manufacturing proceess, powerhouse ingredients such as our medical-grade Benzoyl Peroxide USP and Aloe Vera 10% are clinically proven to eradicate acne-causing bacteria and prevent future blemishes.



Powered by the most advanced medical grade antioxidant-powered technology-including our signature proprietary Green Tea Polyphenol Technology-every acne formula addresses inflammation by deeply calming and soothing acne-prone skin and protecting its delicate skin barrier. So remarkably effective, it allows skin to better tolerate strong retinols and prescription treatments.


Excess Oil Production Due To Hormonal Fluctuations & Stress

Every oil-free Replenix acne-fighting formula features breakthrough, research-proven oil-control ingredients such as our Fractionateed Hyaluronic Acid and our All-Trans Retinol to help reduce excess sebum production by promoting cellular turnover and balancing the pH of acne-prone skin.

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